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"It's difficult to believe that it has been nearly 18 years. I'm sure this letter comes as quite a surprise, but I must ask for your help."
— The opening of Angela's letter to Professor Hershel Layton, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Angela Ledore is a major character appearing in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. She is an old friend of Professor Layton.


Appearance Edit

During her childhood, Angela had short hair which curled inwards. She wore a pink short sleeved wool turtleneck jumper over a lavender undershirt, and a dark teal skirt.

When Angela was a teenager, she wore a red long sleeved shirt, a white waistcoat, a grey skirt and flat blue shoes. As an adult, she wore a red dress with a beaded necklace, black tights and blue shoes, and her blonde hair was curled at the ends.


She is described as sweet and lively. Many people commented on her zest for life when she was a teenager, Randall in particular. She calmed down quite a bit as an adult, but remained youthful and kind.


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  • Angela is not fond of creepy crawlies.
  • Her older brother was lost in a freak excavation accident, therefore she feels strongly about protecting the ones closest to her, especially Randall.
  • Her maiden name has not been made known at any point throughout the game.
  • Angela can imitate a man's voice very well.

Images Edit

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