"Rumours in Dropstone suggest that the Molentary Express has another, secret destination. The trio know that in order to get there, something mudt be don on the train. What, however remains a mystery. With nothing to go on, the three start searching for any clues as to how to proceed."

A Diverging Path is the third chapter in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



The Dilapidated StationEdit

Minutes after Professor Layton, Luke and Flora's arrival in Folsense, the run-down train station transforms into a gleaming, ornately decorated building right before their eyes. What caused the sudden change to the station's appearance?


A Ticket with No DestinationEdit

The ticket was for Folsense, a destination accessible only to those riding in a particular carriage on the Molentary Express. It would seem that Dr Schrader must have visited Folsense sometime before his murder.


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