"Layton, Luke and Flora learn that the name of the phantom town they're headed to is Folsense. As the train is nearing the station, only inky blackness can be seen through the window. Feeling uneasy, Layton and the others steady themselves as they prepare to enter Folsense."

The Phantom Town of Folsense is the fourth chapter of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



Beluga's SearchEdit

Beluga seems to be working Sammy like a dog, sending him all over town in a frantic search for some unknown item. It's unclear why Beluga would set up a secret train line connected to Folsense, but it's clear this item is very important to him. What could it be?

The Vampire in the CastleEdit

Rumours have surfaced regarding a vampire said to live in the castle at the edge of town. Terrified by such talk, not a soul in Folsense dares to go near the castle. Could a vampire actually be living up in Herzen Castle?


No mysteries are solved during this chapter.


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