"In a completely unexpected twist, the respectable Professor Sycamore reveals himself as Jean Descole! Desperate to catch up with Descole and the key stone, Layton and the others board the Bostonius and head for Froenborg!"

The Azran Sanctuary is the sixth chapter in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



There are no new mysteries found during this chapter.


Professor SycamoreEdit

Delving into his repressed memories, Professor Layton remembers growing up with a brother. It transpires that his brother, from whom he was separated at an early age, was in fact Descole, the man who would become his arch-enemy.

Layton's ThoughtsEdit

Professor SycamoreEdit

  • After solving the mystery for the second time:

1. Hershel...Layton... It is thanks to my brother that I came to have this name I hold so dear.

2. Descole wished to avenge himself against Targent by unlocking the Azran's secrets before they could.

The Targent MastermindEdit

  • After solving the Professor Sycamore mystery for the second time:

I can't believe it. Bronev is my father... But why would he sacrifice everything? Was it simply his desire to unlock the Azran legacy?


  • Treasure Hunt Reward: Souvenir from the Nest - Can be purchased for ten reward points at the start of the chapter.
  • Episode: The Butler and the Cat - Received at the start of the chapter.
  • Episode: Long Live Targent! - Received at the start of the chapter.
  • Collection: Essence of Everything - Found by examining the top of the leftmost rock at the Sanctuary Outer Gate.
  • Treasure Hunt: Ceiling Fossil - Examine the fossil in the ceiling at the Sanctuary Inner Gate.
  • Treasure Hunt: Mammoth Bones - Examine the bones at the Sanctuary Inner Gate
  • Collection: The Repenter - Found by examining the icicle stalactite on the left at the Sanctuary Inner Gate.
  • Collection: Captivating Cube - Found by examining top of the leftmost torch inside the Chamber of Water.
  • Treasure Hunt: Gatekeeper's Lamp - Examine the rightmost statue's lamp inside the Chamber of Fire.
  • Collection: Thirteenth Eye - Found by examining the top of the leftmost statue inside the Chamber of Fire.

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