Charlie is a character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



He wears a white shirt with a cream colored sweater, short blue denim pants, and blue shoes.


Charlie is an impertinent young boy who always asks questions, and believes that the specter is a superhero who fights crime.


Charlie is a rather impertinent boy from North Ely who is just at the age of asking questions by the dozen.

His belief that the specter is a superhero who fights crime and defeats the baddies shows that he is pure and simple at heart.


Charlie gives Professor Layton and Luke the first puzzle in Misthallery, "Tourist Spotting." He later gives the puzzles "Fountain Fightin'" and "Apple Bounce."


  • When Charlie first sees Professor Layton, he makes the assumption that he is older than he actually is, as Charlie calls him "Gramps".

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