Emiliana Perfetti is a reoccuring character appearing in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. She works at Scotland Yard as a criminal analyst, specialising in profiling. For reasons currently vague, she sees Katrielle as an arch-rival.

Appearance Edit

Perfetti has very dark brown, mid shoulder length hair which appears to be somewhat frizzy. She is always seen wearing circular glasses, a grey-blue dress and suit jacket, orange ribbon and dark boots. Emiliana carries a thick, dark green book at all times, which she is seen to consult during the puzzle solving animation.

Personality Edit

Since she is an adept criminal profiler (described by others as a "genius"), Emiliana is very logical, only relying on cold hard facts. It is for this reason that she dislikes Kat's 'gut'-reliant methods. Somewhat surprisingly, she is be terrified of the supernatural. Also, it is hinted that she is a fan of romance (although she denies as such).

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is strongly hinted to be of Italian origin; she also says that she is of Italian blood at one point.
  • She often uses Italian phrases when she is speaking, such as "va bene", which translates to "all right" or "okay."
    • However, she has also used the word "non" to mean "no", which is French, not Italian.

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