Fishing is a hobby the player can experience in Professor Layton's London Life. It is begun by Barton, as he is part of the London fishing club. You need a permit for fishing before you do it, and you also need some Angler clothing.


Day TimeEdit

  • Arowana (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Britfish (Gildon Bridge, north)
  • Creek Cat (Cruise Cafe)
  • Footfish (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Freshwater Guppy (Gildon Bridge,south)
  • Harrows Salmon (Radtree Bridge, east)
  • Pixie Trout (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Scissorfish (Cruise Cafe)
  • Skull Fish (Gildon Bridge,south)
  • Soho Eel (Cruise Cafe)
  • Stinger (Cruise Cafe)
  • Swinefish (Gildon Bridge,south)
  • Turtlefish (Radtree Bridge, west)

Night TimeEdit

  • Backgill (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Clamfish (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • King Carp (Cruise Cafe)
  • London Frog (Cruise Cafe)
  • London Newt (Cruise Cafe)
  • Nightfish (Gildon Bridge, north)
  • Roly Poly Fish (Gildon Bridge, north)
  • Sandskin (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Silktail (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Thames Kingfin (Cruise Cafe)


  • Crawdad (Gildon Bridge, south)
  • Frogfish (Gildon Bridge, north)
  • Ghostfish (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Notfish (Cruise Cafe) (Gildon Bridge) (Radtree Bridge)
  • Rare Diamondfin (Radtree Bridge, west)
  • Thames Octofish (Radtree Bridge, west and east)
  • Thames Trout (Gildon Bridge, north) (Radtree Bridge, east and west)

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