Folsense Station is a location in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

The Folsense station is the station in which the Molentary Express ends its long trek from London. The town of

Inside of the Station

Folsense, found only via the Molentary Express, has only one single train station located at the southernmost tip of the town. This is also the location where Layton, Luke and Flora take their first breath of the hallucinogenic gas. Upon exiting the station for the first time, Layton, Luke, and Flora encounter the brightened and glamorous Folsense of fifty years ago. If Layton and Luke return to the station anytime after Chapter 3 they can no longer access the train. In front of the station, Rory is usually found. He is there waiting for his long lost girlfriend who left him many, many moons ago. In front of the station is also a circular plaza and a clock. ".

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