Furniture are items that can fill up the player's room in Professor Layton's London Life. It is bought using Decor, but it can also be retrieved from Quests.


  • Country Bed
  • Simple Bed
  • Ornate Bed
  • Royal Bed
  • Princess Bed
  • Modern Bed


  • Black Chair
  • Green Chair
  • Red Chair
  • Velvet Chair
  • Royal Chair
  • Princess Chair
  • White Chair
  • Yellow Chair


  • Cafe Table
  • Oval Table
  • Pine Table
  • Simple Desk
  • White Table


  • Antique Lights
  • Royal lights
  • Princess lights
  • Royal lamp
  • Princess lamp
  • Floor Lamp


  • Berry Dresser
  • Cupboard
  • Wardrobe

Other FurnitureEdit

  • Bookshelf
  • Grand Piano
  • Heart Cushion
  • Radio Cabinet

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