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"As long as I live, this city will not be harmed. The rest is irrelevant."
— Henry Ledore to Alphonse Dalston, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Henry Ledore is a character in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.



Henry wears a navy-blue blazer over a white shirt with a red tie. He wears red and brown pinstriped pants, and black shoes. As a teen, he wore a green shirt with white pants, with red suspenders and brown shoes.


He can be very hazardous and suspicious of people, especially Professor Hershel Layton. He is also very busy. But though he appears bitter and cold to strangers, he is actually a very kind and happy person. Also Henry tends to make a lot of tea and is very appreciative.



Monte d'Or's founder, Henry poured his newly gained fortune into his city's growth while always remembering Randall's kindness. In fact, he faithfully awaited his friend's return for 18 years. He still treasures the toy robot Randall gave him to this day.


As a child Randall had always looked out for Henry and treated him like a brother. Until one day Randall disappears in the Azran ruins, Henry is shocked by this and like many other townspeople he waited for Randall to return. Unfortunately, so much time had passed until everyone else gave up except for him and Angela. When Angela was being pressured to marry into wealth even though Henry was a servant, he asked Angela to pretend to marry him until Randall returned. 18 years later, in a town Henry built with the riches he discovered while looking for Randall in the ruins, a man called the Masked Gentleman appeared, and started terrorizing citizens with his "dark miracles". Henry, shocked by these events, spend a great deal of time working to stop the Masked Gentleman. Henry is missing for the first part of the game. Eventually, Angela decides to have Hershel meet with Henry. Hershel suspects Henry of being the Masked Gentleman, but later discovers evidence that Henry isn't. During Hershel's face-off with the Masked Gentleman, Henry rushes into the hotel, just in time to see the Masked Gentleman reveal himself as Randall. Randall explains everything, then threatens to perform his last "dark miracle" by bombing the wall preventing the town from being flooded by sand. Hershel discovers an Azran device, and stops the flood just in time. Randall, defeated, gives up, and Hershel starts explaining everything. Hershel reveals Angela was really Descole in disquise, then unmasks the Reunion Inn manager as Angela. Randall shows hatred towards Henry, until Henry and Hershel reveal that Henry had "married" Angela to stop her from being truly married. Henry had built a hotel near the Azran ruins where he thought Randall was, and offered a big reward for anyone who could find Randall in the Azran ruins, which attracted many locals. The hotel grew into a town, and the town grew into a city, and when Daltson started making hotels in the area, more people were brought. Henry had built everything in Randall's name (although the fake amusement park is not explained), so if Randall were to return, the city would be his. Angela reveals she still loved Randall, and showed her pendant to him. Randall is shocked, when suddenly the ground beneath him falls. Hershel catches him, and he tries to get Hershel to let him go, believing he had done truly awful things. As he is about to slip, Henry grabs his hand also, and both Hershel and Henry pull him up. Henry explains why he rescued Randall, and why he meant so much to him. Randall accepts everything, then Angela and Henry comfort him.


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  • Henry used to be a servant for the Ascot family.
  • According to his profile, Henry had feelings for Angela but considered his friendship with Randall more important.