Historia Labyrinthia is a book featured in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The book contains the story of Labyrinthia: how it was in the past, how it is now, and how it will be in the future.

Plot Edit


Carmine Accidenti somehow managed to get his hands on the book before the beginning of the game. He brings it to London together with Espella Cantabella. When they are attacked by a Witch, he tells Mahoney to take the book to Professor Layton.

Espella eventually arrives at the professor's office at Gressenheller University. Professor Layton and Luke then take a look, but suddenly the page starts to glow, so they decide to put the book down for now.

A while later, when Professor Layton and Luke are about to find Espella, the book suddenly starts glowing again. Before they can help it, the book opens and shows a picture of the professor and Luke in Labyrinthia. The book then seemingly absorbs them and falls to the ground.

Later on, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey receive the book from Espella, who had somehow regained it, after they helped prove her innocence in a trial. The book again flies open and pulls in Phoenix and Maya.

In the end, it turns out the book is fake, like the rest of Labyrinthia. The ink used in the book contains a special chemical, which causes people to halucinate.

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