Kingdoms is a type of Puzzle offered in the Daily Puzzle Delivery System in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Description Edit

Beneath the façade of peace, a vicious sturggle for power threatens the very foundation of our country. I beseech you, aid us by dividing our fiefs into their respective areas!


This is a themed version of the Nikoli game known as Shikaku .

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle # Date added D. Puzzle # Difficulty
Kingdom 01 11/04/12 D008 1
Kingdom 02 11/14/12 D018 1
Kingdom 03 11/14/12 D023 2
Kingdom 04 11/21/12 D025 2
Kingdom 05 12/16/12 D050 4
Alchemy 06 12/21/12 D055 3
Kingdom 07 12/31/12 D065 5
Kingdom 08 03/21/13 D145 4
Kingdom 09 3/26/13 D150 2
Kingdom 10 3/29/13 D153 3
Kingdom 11 3/31/13 D155 4
Kingdom 12 6/04/13 D220 2

Help Edit

  1. Several wealthy lords share an area of land. The numbers on the castles indicate how many squares of territory each one owns.
  2. Slide the stylus on the board to create a rectangular frame. Use this frame to build walls around each castle and its territory.
  3. If the amount of territory contained in the frame matches the number on the castle, the frame will turn blue. Too many squares, and the frame will turn red.
  4. Territory cannot belong to more than one castle. Draw frames to divide up a ll the land so every lord has the correct amount of territory.

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