Little Lost Ducklings is a type of Puzzle offered in the Daily Puzzle Delivery System in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Description Edit

The tranquility of the pond has been shattered by the quacking of lost ducklings. Reunite them with their mothers, but be careful. They're still wild!

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle # Date added D. Puzzle # Difficulty
Ducks 01 01/11/13 D076 1
Ducks 02 01/21/13 D086 1
Ducks 03 02/03/13 D099 3
Ducks 04 02/08/13 D104 2
Ducks 05 02/13/13 D109 2
Ducks 06 03/07/13 D131 4
Ducks 07 03/16/13 D140 5
Ducks 08 05/15/13 D200 2
Ducks 09 05/18/13 D203 3
Ducks 10 05/20/13 D205 4
Ducks 11 07/18/13 D264 5
Ducks 12 07/24/13 D270 2
Ducks 13 07/27/13 D273 3
Ducks 14 07/29/13 D275 4

Help Edit

  1. Reunite the lost ducks with their families so that every mother duck has four ducklings. Ducklings stand behind their mother in order.
  2. Touch a square to place a mother duck. Slide the stylus from that point to place ducklings behind her and to gather up stranded ducklings.
  3. You can't move the ducks that are there from the start. Duck heads represent mother ducks, and ducklings are numbered with their position in the chain.
  4. Ducks from different families will fight when they are adjacent. You'll see this on the top screen.
  5. Pay attention to the direction the mother duck faces. If any other family is in view she'll start a fight. You can't finish the puzzle if the ducks are fighting.

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