Marjorie is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. She is found on the road that leads into Dropstone. She doesn't appear, however, until later during the time Layton and Luke are enjoying the festivities in town. She is a teacher for Dropstone. One of her best students is Conrad.

Professor Layton's London Life Edit

Marjorie works at the Chess Department Store,on the ground floor. She explains the elevator levels to the player. When the player moves to a different floor, Majorie follows,which gets her out of breath. It seems she is the only worker at the store.


Marjorie is one of the few characters in the Professor Layton Series that does not give Layton and Luke any puzzles. So do not be alarmed if you don't get anything from her.



By day, Marjorie works as a teacher in Dropstone, as you might have guessed from her good nature and sensible shoes. At night, Marjorie lets loose by writing a popular series of mystery novels.

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