Naiya is a minor character from Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Naiya has brown hair that finishes at her shoulders, and beady eyes. She wears a white dress and a gray tank-top and blue leggings under it. On her neck she has a blue scarf with little red beads on the bottom of it.


Naiya is a singer who came to Misthallery to take a break and think up some new song lyrics.

With the help of Layton and friends, she came up with a heart-rending, sentimental ballad.

She's good friends with another singer she knows in London.



Naiya lives in the arch of Highyard Hill. Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy helped her write a ballad.


Naiya gives no puzzles throughout the game, or any minigame requests.


  • Naiya is Last Specter's representation of Yokou Andou, Majin no Fue's Paxmaveiti singer.
  • It is possible to finish all of Last Specter without ever seeing Naiya.

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