Perilous Voyage is a type of Puzzle offered in the Daily Puzzle Delivery System in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Description Edit

Calm waters, blue sky... Yet the perils of the ocean are many. We must map out a safe path lest ships who follow in our stead be dashed upon the rocks! All hands on deck!


This is a Nikoli puzzle known as Yajilin .

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle # Date added D. Puzzle # Difficulty
Sailing 01 11/06/12 D010 1
Sailing 02 11/16/12 D020 1
Sailing 03 11/18/12 D022 2
Sailing 04 12/09/12 D043 3
Sailing 05 12/14/12 D048 2
Sailing 06 12/19/12 D053 2
Sailing 07 12/25/12 D059 4
Sailing 08 12/30/12 D064 5
Sailing 09 3/20/13 D144 2
Sailing 10 3/23/13 D147 3
Sailing 11 3/25/13 D149 4
Sailing 12 5/29/13 D214 3
Sailing 13 6/01/13 D217 3
Sailing 14 6/03/13 D219 4

Help Edit

  1. Start by working out where the hidden rocks are. Touch a space to mark it with a rock. Arrows tell you how many rocks lie in that direction.
  2. Rocks may also be hiding in places where no arrow points, but no rocks are directly adjacent to one another.
  3. Once you have an idea of where the rocks are, draw lines on the board to chart a course for the boat, starting and ending at the flag.
  4. The course must be a continuous line without any branches or overlaps.
  5. The boat must travel through all squares except for those with rocks or arrows. The journey can't be safely completed until every blank square had been filled.

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