"In the curious village of St. Mystere, puzzles are part of everyday life. So when a wealthy baron's will points to a hidden treasure, it's up to puzzle mastermind Professor Layton to unravel the mystery! Stretch your gray matter to solve brain-teasers and piece together the clues to uncover St Mystere's secret..."

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the first game in the Professor Layton series. It follows Professor Layton and Luke on their quest to find the Golden Apple, a mysterious inheritance hidden somewhere in the village of St. Mystere.

In May 2018, a HD port of the game was announced named Professor Layton and the Curious Village EXHD[1].



Note: these entries are from the US version of the game and may differ from the UK version.

1. The Golden Apple

The late Baron Reinhold hid this item in St. Mystere just before dying, and has promised the whole of his fortune to the one who finds it.

No one has any clue what the Golden Apple might be or where it is hidden.

Mystery Solved
The Golden Apple turned out to be Flora, the daughter of Baron Reinhold.

The name and legend surrounding the Golden Apple were created by the baron to help him find a suitable guardian for his daughter.

2. Noise at the Manor

When the professor first met Lady Dahlia, Reinhold Manor was rocked by a noise so loud it shook the walls of the mansion and scared off Claudia.

What could the source of that noise be?

Mystery Solved
The noise that shook the mansion and scared off Claudia was caused by Don Paolo's flying machine making an emergency crash landing in St. Mystere.

3. The Vanishing Crank

Someone has stolen the crank that controls St. Mystere's drawbridge, the sole portal in and out of the village. Until the crank is recovered, there is no way to leave the village.

Why would somebody want to steal a drawbridge crank?

Mystery Solved
Bruno, caretaker to all of St. Mystere, was the one who stole the crank for the bridge. His intent was to prevent Layton and Luke from leaving the village, so they would seek out the Golden Apple and fulfill the late Baron Reinhold's last wish.

4. Dropped Cogs

A small cog with an intricately carved insignia was recovered from the scene of Simon's murder. Perhaps the murderer dropped it when fleeing the scene.

Mystery Solved
The small cogs recovered by Layton and Luke came loose from Simon and Ramon when they collapsed. The cogs, along with the mysterious disappearances he observed around the village, convinced Layton that all the villagers in St. Mystere were robots.

5. Lady Dahlia

Baron Reinhold's late wife Violet is pictured cradling a baby in a photograph on Lady Dahlia's desk. While the two women seem to be complete strangers to each other, their resemblance to each other is too uncanny to be a coincidence.

What's really going on here?

Mystery Solved
It's revealed that Lady Dahlia is a robot originally constructed to resemble and behave like the baron's late wife in every way imaginable.

Along with her grave in the grounds of the mansion, this was another tribute to the baron's love for Violet.

6. Village Disappearances

Rumor has it that a number of villagers have disappeared recently. Oddly enough, those who disappear (or are abducted, as some suggest) often do so after complaining of general fatigue or other minor health issues.

Mystery Solved
The abductions around the village were actually the work of Bruno, who moved under the cover of night to retrieve his broken robots. Bruno would bring robots back to the tower to repair them and then return them to the village. As none of the villagers knew they were actually robots, it's only natural that they were terrified by the strange old man.

7. Mysterious Rumbling

Walking the streets of St. Mystere at night, a thunderous rumbling occasionally fills the air. The noise is rumored to come from the tower, but no one seems to know the origin of the sound. Villagers claim that the noise has increased in frequency as of late.

Mystery Solved
The loud noise emanating from the tower was the whirring of the machines Bruno used to repair the robots of St. Mystere.

It's been several years since the creation of St. Mystere. Maintenance becomes necessary more frequently as machines age, hence the reports of increased noise at night from the villagers.

8. Ramon's Memory

When Layton and Luke finally tracked down Ramon, they were shocked to see him being kidnapped by an old man. Shortly thereafter, Ramon returned to the mansion with no memory of ever being abducted or stuffed into a sack.
What's happened to Ramon's memory?

Mystery Solved
As a robot with several years on him, it was only natural that Ramon would break down sooner or later.

He was quickly taken for repair, then promptly returned to the village, blissfully unaware that he had just undergone a tune-up.

9. Inspector Chelmey Though Chelmey claims to dislike all sweets, a scrap of newspaper Luke found claims that his favorite food in the world is sweet-potato fritters.
That being the case, why did Chelmey fly into such a rage when Matthew brought him sweets at the manor?

Mystery Solved
What a shock! Who could have imagined that Don Paolo, self-proclaimed arch-enemy of the professor, was posing as the Inspector in an effort to steal the Reinhold fortune? The true Inspector Chelmey never set foot in St. Mystere and is probably at home in London enjoying tea and cakes right now.

10. The Tower Key

Deep underground on the edge of the village, the professor and Luke found an unusual key shaped like the tower. Whole the connection between the key and the tower seems certain, what the key unlocks remains a mystery.

Mystery Solved
The note left by the baron in Archibald's desk gave Layton the clue he needed to realize the key would fit into the wall in the north of the village. From there, the professor and Luke could access the path to the tower.


The game opens with Professor Layton and Luke driving in the Laytonmobile. Layton hands Luke a
Baron Reinholds Grave

The late Baron Reinhold.

letter that explains where they are going, and why: The late Baron Reinhold revealed in his will that there is a Reinhold family treasure called the Golden Apple hidden somewhere in the village they are heading to. Anyone who would successfully locate that treasure will inherit the whole of the Baron's estate. Several people have attempted to find the treasure, but failed.

The two enter the town, and find that most of the population is fond of puzzles and brain teasers, both which Layton and Luke are adept at solving. They also see a large, haphazard tower that occupies the one side of town that no one can get to, but that people keep hearing strange noises emanating from at night.

Layton and Luke meet Lady Dahlia, other family members of the Baron like Simon, and the servants. Before they can discuss the matter further, a loud exploding sound is heard and Dahlia's cat, Claudia, flees out of the door. Layton and Luke chase Claudia through town, solving puzzles along the way. Meanwhile, a strange soot covered man arrives in St. Mystere. Eventually, they discover the cat's fondness for fish and tempt her back with one.

Upon returning to the mansion, Layton and Luke find that Simon has been murdered and the case is already under investigation by Inspector Chelmey. Chelmey initially suspects the two, but as their alibi holds up he lets them go, and tells them to stay of out of the murder investigation. However, Layton finds a small gearwheel near Simon's body.

As Layton and Luke continue their search for the Golden Apple, they witness the kidnapping of one of Dahlia's servants, Ramon. when a strange man stuffs Ramon into a bag. They give chase but are unable to catch him, though they do find another gearwheel similar to the one before. Not long after, at the Reinhold mansion, they are befuddled as Ramon is back as if nothing has happened; with no recollection of anything alarming happening to him.

They continue to explore the town, eventually led to the town's abandoned amusement park by a young girl
Mystery Woman

The strange girl at the dead end.

met at a dead end while trying to get to the tower. As they explore the Ferris wheel, the sinister figure from earlier uses a remote to tear the wheel from its moorings, sending it chasing after Layton and Luke, who barely escape as the wheel smashes through a locked building. Exploring the wreckage, they find an entrance to an underground room. Inside, they find a key shaped similar to the tower, and Layton gets an idea of what's going on in the village. The two return to face Chelmey, who accuses Layton of murdering Simon, and Luke of being his accomplice. Layton realizes, through the Inspector's mistakes, that Chelmey is an impostor. The man reveals himself as
Then it is you sir!

Layton foiling Don Paolo's plans.

Layton's self-proclaimed arch-enemy, Don Paolo, who tried to use the Ferris wheel to knock Layton out of the picture and seeks the Golden Apple for himself. Paolo jumps out a window and escapes before Layton can capture him. It is unknown so far as to why Don Paolo despises Layton.

With Luke in tow, Layton heads for the tower, using the key to unlock a secret wall in the dead end. Inside, they discover the man that previously kidnapped Ramon, Bruno. Layton exposes the truth with Bruno's help: all the residents of St. Mystere are robots, created by the Baron and Bruno to challenge the wits of anyone seeking the Golden Apple, which explains why all the townsfolk were obsessed with puzzles. Simon wasn't murdered, he only malfunctioned; similarly, Bruno "kidnapped" Ramon in order to perform repairs. Having solved the puzzle of St. Mystere, Layton and Luke climb the tower, solve some more puzzles and meet minor characters along the way.

Eventually, the pair reaches the top of the tower, and much to their surprise, find a small house there. Inside,
Layton already knows...

Layton and Luke at the top.

the young girl from before awaits. She reveals herself as Flora, the only daughter of the Baron and the Golden Apple that the robots were protecting. However, this realisation is short-lived as Don Paolo returns in a flying machine and starts demolishing the tower. Luke escapes down the stairs, but they are destroyed, so Layton is forced to improvise a glider to take Flora and himself to safety as the tower collapses. The villain swears revenge and leaves after his machine was damaged after colliding with Layton's glider. The tower, unable to withstand Don Paolo's attacks, crumbles.
Professor Layton Curious Village - Because when you build a glider just like that, you can never go wrong

Layton building the glider.

The three are safe in town and as Flora laughs in happiness; an apple-like birthmark can be seen on her shoulder. As they regroup at the Reinhold manor, Layton realizes that there's more than just Flora as the treasure, as the birthmark points to the Baron's riches. Luke finds a switch on the portrait of Flora which leads to a secret room filled with gold. An audio recording of the Baron congratulates those that had followed the clues, and tells Flora to take the treasure, warning that if it is taken, all the robots will stop functioning. Flora opts to leave it as a way to repay the robots for their years of service to protect her and as her friends. As the game ends, Layton, Luke and Flora leave St. Mystere, leaving the treasure, and allowing the residents
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Flora sleeping in the back of the Laytonmobile.

Flora in the Laytonmobile.

to continue on with their lives. Flora leaves the village with Layton and Luke. The three (and other characters) are shown laughing and living together during the game credits.


Prof curious village frontscreen

The front screen.

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See Curious Village Puzzle Index.



  • Curious Village takes place some time after the events of Azran Legacy, though the full official timeline was never fully confirmed and has been heavily debated by the series' fanbase.
  • The "World of Professor Layton" official artbook would later "confirm" the main Professor Layton series takes place roughly around the 1960s, but "Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney"'s timeline complicates this due to the Ace Attorney series' timeline not lining up chronologically, the latter even assumed to take place at points in the far future/around 2018. As there is no confirmed time travel as a plot device in "Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney", the overall "timeline" thus remains vague and unconfirmed / unofficial. This also holds true for many of the main characters' estimated ages, as "canon" ages were only given in some main games (notably the prequels, with Layton and Emmy's ages in The Last Specter and Azran Legacy's Japanese versions, as well as Luke's "official" ages in all of the prequels) and not others.
  • This is the first game in the Layton series where the US, UK and AU versions all hold the same name. 


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Layton Kyouju to Fushigi na Machi Original Soundtrack
Release date: Unknown CuriousVillageCD
Publisher: FRAME (distributed by King Records)
Composer: Tomohito Nishiura, Layton Grand Caravan Orchestra
Format: CD
No. Title Length
1 Professor Layton's Theme 2:10
2 The Adventure Begins 0:29
3 St. Mystere 2:59
4 About Town 3:10
5 Puzzles 1:53
6 Baron Reinhold 2:44
7 The Plot Thickens 2:10
8 Down the Tubes 3:22
9 The Veil of Night 3:55
10 Crumm's Cafe 1:45
11 Pursuit in the Night 2:27
12 The Mysterious Girl 3:56
13 Deserted Amusement Park 2:46
14 The Great Don Paolo 3:14
15 The Village Awakens 1:45
16 The Looming Tower 4:58
17 Memories of St. Mystere 3:07
18 Setting Out 1:31
19 End Theme 2:56
20 Professor Layton's Theme (Live Version) 3:36
21 The Veil of Night (Live Version) 5:30
22 The Looming Tower (Live Version) 4:42
23 End Theme (Live Version) 2:51
24 About Town (High Quality) 3:16
25 Baron Reinhold (High Quality) 2:44
26 The Village Awakens (High Quality) 1:47
Total time: 75:48

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