Professor Layton and the Phantom Deity (レイトン教授と怪人ゴッド, Reiton kyōju to Kaijin Goddo) is a novel based on the Professor Layton series. It has currently only been released in Japan. It is the second novel of the series, coming after Professor Layton and the Wandering Castle.


A mysterious thief, going under the name "the Phantom Deity", has recently been stealing some valuable art pieces. No one seems to be able to capture him, so Professor Layton & Co team up with Inspector Clamp Grosky in order to stop the Phantom Deity, and to return the stolen items.


Many perplexing cases lie in store for Professor Layton, the English gentleman with the top hat, and his assistant Luke, in the long awaited novelization of the hit detective game series! Can you solve the mysteries?



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