The Elysian Box is the prologue chapter of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



The Elysian BoxEdit

The Elysian Box is an antique said to bring death upon anyone who dares open its lid. According to rumours, the box has already claimed many lives and is known as "Pandora's Box" in many parts of the world. Could such dark rumours be true?

A Ticket with No DestinationEdit

A single ticket with no visible destination was discovered in Dr Schraders's home It appears to be for the Molentary Express, but where is it supposed to take its bearer?

The Torn PhotographEdit

Torn fragments of a photograph were found in the late doctor's hand. In it's current state, it's imposoble to make out the contents of the photo.

What could it be depicting.

The Box's WhereaboutsEdit

Somebody managed to steal the Elysian Box from Dr Schrader's home without leaving behind a single implicating clue. Who could have made off with the box?


No mysteries are solved during this chapter.


In-universe ReferencesEdit

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