Crawling the Web is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A spider made a very intricate web.

When its prey gets stuck at A, the spider starts from the center and take thread 2 or 5 to get it. To get to the prey at B, the spider uses thread 1 or 2, starting from the center.

The spider has a simple rule. Following this rule and starting from the center, which two threads could the spider take to get to C?


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Spiderwebs consist of radial support threads and stick spiral threads to catch prey. Normally, spiders only travel along the nonsticky radials, but this spider is particularly unusual!

Find the path the spider takes to A when starting at thread 2 or 5. Maybe you will stumble on the rules the spider uses if you try out some different routes.

This spider always heads away from the center of its web, but when it meets a junction it turns. The spider will never ignore a junction while on its way to its prey.

Try thinking about the prey instead of starting thread. The spider can get to C from either the left or right depending on which thread it starts from. Try tracing both routes backward to the start.



Too bad!

The spider can start from two separate threads.



From wherever the spider starts, it always travels outward and turns whenever it meets another connecting threads.

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