Scrambled Photos is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Four photographs decorate the wall of Joseph's photo studio. Each photo depicts the same area and was taken at exactly the same time of day. However, each photo was taken at a different point in time, and if you look carefully, you can figure out the order in which these pictures were taken. Enter your answer using the letters attached to each picture, starting with the earliest, like so: ABCD.


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Start by scanning all four pictures for differences between them.

For example, maybe the buildings are different in one or two of the photos...

Photo C is the only one where the stairs aren't illuminated, because there's no visible streetlight.

Both photos C and D are missing the big, orange building in the background. By contrast, the building and streetlight are visible in photos A and B.

The door to the photo studio is the same color in all pictures except A. Also, in B, one of the restaurant's windows is broken. However, the window is patched up in A, so A must have been taken after B.



Too bad!

US Version

Start by scanning all four pictures for differences between them.

UK Version

Examine the four pictures again in case you missed a crucial detail.


Good eye!

The correct order is CDBA.

In C, the streetlight has yet to be installed, but in D, the light has been built. In B, there's a new building in the background, and the restaurant's window seen in B has been patched up, and some of the lights in the restaurant's sign have burned out. What's more, the door of the photo studio has been painted a different color.


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