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Tangled Ropes
GameProfessor Layton and the Diabolical Box
TypeCircle Answer
LocationMansion Road
ChapterChapter 2
Given byRemy
Solved byProfessor Layton
In other languages
karan da rōpu
EspañolLío de cuerdas
ItalianoGroviglio di corde
한국의얽혀 있는 고리
Tangled Ropes is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Three rope loops are tangled together with a single red rope. If you were to pull ends of the red rope, a single knot would form in the middle. Can you figure out how many of the rope loops would get caught in this knot when it forms?


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Carefully study how the ropes are wrapped around each other. In at least a few places, the rapes may appear entangled but can actually be removed easily from the pile with a single tug.

You've probably experienced this phenomenon before when untangling a mess of appliance wires at home.

Pay special attention to the length of red rope forming a loop, as this portion of the rope will form a knot when pulled and is the key to solving this puzzle. Remember, any loops that aren't caught within the knot that forms don't count toward your answer.

Do you see the yellow loop of rope? It may look tangled in with the other, but it turns out that when it's pulled, this rope will slip free of all the other ones in the pile.

Now, what about those other two ropes?



Too bad!

Make sure you examine every detail of the picture carefully!


Good thinking!

Not a single loop will become truly entangled in the knot that forms. When you pull the red rope and form a knot, on loop will fall away, and the other two will hang from the red rope, free of the knot.


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