The Dragon Bridge (The Dragon Walkway in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


The bridge is out! If you don't find a way across this room, you'll be unable to continue on.

Can you figure out how to put the four pieces of the Dragon Bridge back together? You can't walk through the spiked ball, so you'll need to deal with that too.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The upside-down L goes at the top and L-shaped piece at the bottom. Try to visualize the finished bridge before you start moving the pieces.

You need to deal with the spiked ball by moving it to the left and then sliding it over against the right wall. To clear the way, move the sideways-T piece to the right, then slide the S-shaped piece down to the left of it. Now you can move the spiked ball down and to the left, and if you move the L-shaped piece to the let and up, you can slide the spiked ball all the way against the wall to the right.

Slide the sideways-T piece above the S-shaped piece and flush with the left wall. Move the upside-down L and the spiked ball to the bottom center. You can now move the L-shaped piece to the bottom right. Move the spiked ball against the right wall, then move the sideways-T piece tot he top center and the S-shaped block beneath it to the left.

Move the upside-down L to the bottom-left corner to open up the middle. Slide the L-shaped piece down into the bottom-center space, then move the S-shaped piece down on top of the L-shaped piece.

You're nearly done! Figure out the last few moves, and the Dragon Bridge will take shape before your eyes!



You did it!

The future Layton is just on the other side of the Dragon Bridge.

  • Initial position
  • Slide the sideways-T to the right
  • Slide the S-shaped down
  • Slide the L-shaped down and left
  • Slide the spiked ball down and right
  • Slide the L-shaped up and right
  • Slide the sideways-T up and left
  • Slide the upside-down L left and down
  • Slide the spiked ball left and down
  • Slide the L-shaped down, right and down
  • Slide the spiked ball right
  • Slide the sideways-T right and up
  • Slide the S-shaped up
  • Slide the upper blue block left and up
  • Slide the L-shaped left
  • Slide the spiked ball down
  • Slide the S-shaped down
  • Slide the sideways-T down and right
  • Slide the upside-down L up into the top
  • Slide the sideways-T left

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