Window Design is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A man wants to decorate his window so that people can't see into it so easily.

Help him out by decorating the window with these transparent apple stickers, making sure that every part of the window is covered.

The apple stickers may be oriented in any direction and can even be flipped, buy you must make sure that every frame has one apple and no stickers extend past the edges of the window.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Rotate the rectangular sticker so that the clear part is on the top left, and place it in the bottom-right corner.

There's no need to flip this one.

Put the L-shape sticker with the transparent corner on the top right of the window and rotate it so that the clear part is on the bottom right.

The sticker that goes is the top-left corner already has the correct orientation. Look for a sticker with apples arranged in an "L" shpae that will fill the edges of this corner.

Place the sticker that has apples arranged in a T-shape in the bottom-left corner. Rotate it so that the long edge is on the left-hand side standing vertically.

Next, rotate and flip the z-shaped sticker so that it fits in below the sticker with the T-shaped apples.

The sticker with four apples in a sqaure should be placed so that it's one row up from sitting in the center of the window. Make sure you put in the right place!

That should be all the help yo need. The rest is up to you!



How rosy!

He's sure to be pleased with your hard work.


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