The Queen's Blood is a major item in Professor Layton's London Life. It is a gem owned by Lady Dahlia.



The Queen's Blood was part of Lady Dahlia's collection, until it was stolen by Don Paolo several weeks prior London Life. He planned to use it to create a weapon of destruction. Lady Dahlia tried to get the Family to help her get it back, but instead learned of the 'curse' behind it. She believed Flora's life was in danger. The curse, however, was just many rumors about fairies and kidnapping that Don Paolo had spread; he planned to take over the underground ruins while their attentions were focused on that.

The player, Avogadro, Luke, Horace and Pavel (actually Don Paolo) join up with Professor Layton at the Gressenheller University research lab. Layton explains his discoveries to the others. Don Paolo, upon being caught, takes off his disguise and runs off.

Layton and the player meet up again at Crumpet Hotel to make up a plan to save Little London. The player is sent to Golden Spires Casino with a message for Lady Dahlia and Flora, before being entrusted with the Sewer Key and the Queen's Blood and sent down to the ruins. The Queen's Blood shakes the ground and makes a big red glow.


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