Not to be confused with the character from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Randal Mann is the sound man of a radio station and had worked with Dwight Dread. During one of his shows, he had died and Mann was one of the five suspects to his murder.



Mann was once a musician with striking features who had a penchant for high heels and cross-dressing but gave up his career and became a sound technician for a radio station. He worked on a radio show directed by Mike de Bonair and soon started to flirt with DJ Dwight Dread. Mann also heard rumors of Dread and Anice Brewer the tea lady, whom he didn't know very well, when they started popping up but had never seen Dread and Brewer together.

On the day of the show where Dolly Hollerday the singer would make a guest appearance, Mann came into the studio first along with de Bonair. They chatted for a while until Brewer brought them their drinks. After Dread arrived with Hollerday and her manager. The show went well until Dread started choking on a macaroon and collapsed on the floor. de Bonair quickly had Mann switch to an ad about a sale on Farrods and called emergency services. Mann, flustered by Dread's incident, waited for them with a security guard who he found likable but due to the show being on during rush hour, it took them much longer for them to reach the radio station.

When the police came, Mann gave his statement about what happened after Dread collapsed on the floor and that the tea Dread and Hollerday were going to drink was brought in Brewer. The killer was assumed to be Brewer, who was found dead at a storeroom and seemingly committed suicide, due to the fax request resembling a death threat confirmed to be written by her and a broken bottle of poison found near her.

However, the death that Mann saw during the show turned out to be a prank devised by de Bonair and Dread died after Mann left to call for help. As Mann, Smith and Hollerday all had an alibi after Dread "died", de Bonair was the only one who could be the killer. When questioned by Inspector Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker, de Bonair argued that there was more evidence that Brewer was the killer such as the fax request and the broken perfume bottle, he couldn't be the killer. Unfortunately for him, a slip in the tongue exposed him as the killer as he knew information he shouldn't if he was innocent. de Bonair failed to explain this and soon admitted he killed Dread and Brewer.


  • It is a possibility that Randall may be homosexual, because he flirted with the male victim, and mentioned that the officer that arrived at the scene was "Just his type".
  • Randel is given name which has the pet name of "Randy". This makes his name a play on "randy man" which refers to man who is easily aroused and excited. Alternatively, it can be seen as a play on "scandal man".