St. Bronto's is a type of Puzzle offered in the Daily Puzzle Delivery System in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Description Edit

The Archaeopteryx screeching signals the end of school for these knowledge-hungry dinosaurs. Each one makes its way home eager to avoid any confrontations!

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle # Date added D. Puzzle # Difficulty
Dinosaurs 01 01/12/13 D077 1
Dinosaurs 02 01/22/13 D087 1
Dinosaurs 03 02/10/13 D106 3
Dinosaurs 04 02/15/13 D111 2
Dinosaurs 05 02/20/13 D116 2
Dinosaurs 06 03/08/13 D132 2
Dinosaurs 07 03/18/13 D142 5
Dinosaurs 08 05/22/13 D207 2
Dinosaurs 09 05/25/13 D210 3
Dinosaurs 10 05/27/13 D212 4
Dinosaurs 11 07/25/13 D271 5

Help Edit

  1. Lead the baby dinosaurs home to their parents. Touch a baby dinosaur to highlight its parent's territory.
  2. Slide the baby dinosaur into its parent's territory. A line will mark its path.
  3. Other dinosaurs cannot cross over that lines. Lead the baby dinosaurs to their parents without having them cross paths.
  4. Some of the baby dinosaur have brothers and sisters. Lead them all to their parent's territory.

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