The Eternal Diva is a song in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva.

Janice's Last Song

Janice singing The Eternal Diva.



After Melina leaves Janice's body and 'dies', Oswald decides to play one last song in tribute to her on the Detragan's organ before being arrested by Inspector Grosky, which had remained intact. Janice decided to sing along with this while staring out at the risen city in the sunrise.


Japanese KanjiEdit



この心は あなたの胸 寄り添いつづける

この瞳は あなたの夢 見て眠るだろう

深い水の底 沈む命たち数えて
今は永遠の 静けさだけたたずませて

千夜に彼方に あなたが 微笑む日が来るのなら
もう二度と 泣くことはない…
千夜の彼方に あなたと出会える日が来ることを
夢に見て この歌をうたおう

愛する人の笑顔に 再び出会える
遥かな時の向こう 約束信じて
空がつながる未来に あなたはいるから
想いに導かれて いまあの日に還る…

捧げる涙は 尽きることなく

想いつづけて 眠るよ 今

Japanese RomajiEdit


minamo ni ukanda hoshi no hikaritachi wa utau
kono kokoro wa anata no mune yorisoitsuzukeru

komorebi kirameku mori no shizukutachi wa utau
kono hitomi wa anata no yume mite nemuru darou

fukai mizu no soko shizumu inochitachi kazoete
itsuka wa kono negai ga todoku koto o shinjiru
ima wa eien no shizukesa dake tatazumasete
aisuru mono no namida umi ni kawaru

sen'ya no kanata ni anata ga hohoemu hi ga kuru no nara
mou nido to naku koto wa nai
sen'ya no kanata ni anata to deaeru hi ga kuru koto o
yume ni mite kono uta o utaou

aisuru hito no egao ni futatabi deaeru
haruka na toki no mukou yakusoku shinjite
sora ga tsunagaru mirai ni anata wa iru kara
omoi ni michibikarete ima ano hi ni kaeru

anata dake ni sasageru namida wa tsukiru koto naku
anata dake o omoitsuzukete nemuru

aisuru anata o omoitsuzukete nemuru yo ima

English TranslationEdit


The stars sing as they float on the water's surface.
My heart continues cuddling closer to your bosom.

The glittering dews sing as sunlight trickles through the forest leaves.
Will I be dreaming of you as I sleep?

Counting the lives sinking to the bottom of the water,
I believe that some day my wish will be heard.
For now I will freeze this eternal serenity,
as the tears of lovers change into a sea.

If the day should come when you can finally smile after countless nights,
then I will never have to cry again.
That we may come across each other after countless nights in my dream,
allow me to sing this song.

So that I can see the smile of my loved one once more,
I believe in the promise we will make in the faraway future.
Because you will be there in the future, connected to me under the same sky,
shall we return to that day, led by our feelings?

There's no end to the tears I shed just for you,
as I sleep while thinking nonstop only about you.

Right now, I will sleep thinking nonstop about you, my love.

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Part 13



The Eternal Diva
ED-The Eternal Diva
Length: 7m04s

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