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"1, 2, 3, 4, did you miss me, Monte d'Or?"
— The Masked Gentleman to a crowd of people, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
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Masked gentleman
Game RoleAntagonist
AppearancesMiracle Mask
English VAYuri Lowenthal
Japanese VAYūsuke Yamamoto
Home TownStansbury
OccupationTerroriser of Monte d'Or
AliasRandall Ascot* Maskheadface
Hair ColorWhite*
Eye ColorUnknown*
Known Relationships
In other languages
Kiseki no Shinshi
(Gentleman of Miracles)
DeutschMaskierter Gentleman
EspañolEl Caballero enmascarado
FrançaisLe Maître du masque
ItalianoIl Gentiluomo mascherato
NederlandsGemaskerde Heer

The Masked Gentleman is one of the main antagonists in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.



He wears a white suit jacket with a purple cravat, white shoes, white gloves, and a white top hat with a blue band. He carries around a purple cane with a gold handle.


The Masked Gentleman terrorizes the town of Monte d'Or. In his miracles, he makes people disappear, paintings come to life, walked on thin air, and set people on fire without them being injured. In the end, he kidnaps Luke and hangs him by shorts by a rope.

He knows Henry as being self centered and to have "a grotesquely swollen ego". He remembers Layton " letting his friends down."


Main article: Gallery:The Masked Gentleman

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