The One-Ring Circus (known as the Stellar Circus in the UK version) are a group of circus performers who are currently in Monte d'Or.


(to be added)


  • Ringmaster: The Ringmaster is head of the circus and hosts the show
  • Collette: Collette is a popular tightrope walker in the circus, who is sometimes seen putting up posters with Stumble
  • Yukkles: One of many clowns performing in the circus
  • Stumble: Stumble is a clumsy circus jester that Layton and co. meet at the very start of the game.
  • Juggles: Juggles is a lively clown who is very enthusiastic about other people!
  • Puck: Puck is a circus jester who tries his best to grab the attention of other people, however only a few like Juggles and Sterling notices him.
  • Maurice: Maurice is a male white tiger who is the feline star of the circus.
  • Rabbit: (see Rabbit (Minigame)). There are 2 rabbits performing for the circus.

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