Trains and Train Spotters is a type of Puzzle offered in the Daily Puzzle Delivery System in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Description Edit

Rule no. 1 of the train spotter's handbook: let all bridges be climbed! Rule no. 2 of the train spotter's handbook: never pass under a bridge! ...Ah, here it comes! Get in position!

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle # Date added D. Puzzle # Difficulty
Train 01 01/14/13 D079 1
Train 02 01/24/13 D089 1
Train 03 02/02/13 D098 3
Train 04 02/07/13 D103 2
Train 05 02/12/13 D108 2
Train 06 03/04/13 D128 4
Train 07 03/13/13 D137 5
Train 08 05/02/13 D187 5
Train 09 05/07/13 D192 2
Train 10 05/10/13 D195 3
Train 11 05/12/13 D197 4
Train 12 07/16/13 D262 2
Train 13 07/19/13 D265 3
Train 14 07/21/13 D267 4

Help Edit

  1. Create circular routes for the trains and the photographers. The circuits must pass through all train and camera tiles respectively.
  2. Draw lines on the board to create the routes. Routes cannot pass through trees or turn on bridges.
  3. The photographers must pass over all the bridges to take their photos. They cannot go under bridges.
  4. The trains can go under bridges but don't need to go under all of them. They can't travel over bridges.
  5. The photographer and train routes can only cross safely at bridges. Use the bridges to create safe, circular routes for both trains and photographers.

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