Vito is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.



Vito wore a cream-colored shirt with a pair of green pants which were far too big for him. He also had a large red beard, and glasses



Vito is a little man who hangs around Midland Road.

He has become famous in the area for giving visitors unhelpful directions.

His latest preoccupation has been keeping his too-large large trousers from falling down.



Prologue: The Clock Shop on Midland RoadEdit

In London on Midland Road, Vito gave Professor Layton and Luke a puzzle in exchange for directions to the clock shop. When they successfully solved it, he panicked and ran away.


He gives Professor Layton and Luke three puzzles. His first puzzle is "Bus Scheduling". His Second is "The Checkerboard". Vito's third and final puzzle is "How Many People?".


  • Vito is an abbreviation of Vittorio, the Italian cognate of Victor.

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